The Man N The Holy Horse

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The Man N The Holy Horse Empty The Man N The Holy Horse

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:33 pm

A country man wanted to own a horse.
One day, he met a priest who happen to own one..
He is asked the priest if he could buy the horse.
The priest agreed..

"However", Said the priest to him. "You must remember 2 things before you ride this horse. Firstly, in order to make her to stop, you must say 'Amen'. Secondly, to make her run, just say 'praise the lord'."

The man was delighted.
Next morning, he took his horse for a run at the countryside.
He was so happy that he kept saying 'praise the lord' so many times.
Not far ahead, there was a dead-drop cliff.
The man panic n kept yelling "Stop", but the horse did not stop..
So he started to pray.

"God please save me from tis predicament. I promise that i would be a better man. Amen." Prayed the man.
'Just at d edge of the cliff, the horse stopped..

He was so full of joy that he say out loud'"Praise the lord!!!"..

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