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Post  3moons on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:17 am


I need you to do this as a general requirement. Every time we send out our units in an attack or even just a supporting role, you must immediately compensate for your losses.

As an example of this... It is obvious that when you attack someone, you are going to have heavy losses. But a lot of people don't consider how much their smaller losses affect the total strength of their troops. So, on this note you need to start doing something about it if you haven't already been doing it.

When you send out troops for a supporting role in our member's villages, you must fire up your barracks and create more troops. Focus mostly on Swordsmen, a small number of Spearmen, and a decent number of Light or Heavy Cavalry. Please, don't compensate in small numbers. You need to overcompensate and build too many units on purpose. This will guarantee that when your supporting troops come home, you will still have more total troops in your village....even with your losses.

Depending on your losses when you are attacking a village, if you do this as requested above, you will minimize the loss of your village defense because you've been creating more units while your troops were out. It really depends on how many units you lose in this case to prove how much it affects your defensive structure.

Every time I send my units to any of your villages, I fire up every single one of my village barracks and create the maximum number of Swordsmen I am capable of creating. If I don't lose many units in my supporting role, great, I've just boosted my total military numbers as well as my village defense. If I lose a lot of units, then they will quickly be replaced because I didn't wait until after I got my troops home to replace them. Do you see the importance of this?

I'm making this a requirement of all of you, for precautionary purposes in case of future attacks from other players or tribes. Nobody should be caught by surprise and their military undermanned! Boost your troops up, and focus less on Axemen for defense. Be smart, read the stats on each unit type so you know what their offensive and defensive abilities are. You can find this information on this page:


Focus on defense first. Thanks everyone!
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