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Post  Praetor Sextus on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:57 am

Just so you know, all BB-Codes that you normally would have used, such as:


...and so on, do not work here. The only way you can get a link to work to the player, village, or ally, is if you copy the text from the game site just as I have done below for one of our allies as an example.


Other than doing that, please just put their name in Bold and make sure you have it typed properly so when we go look we can find it.

In regards to posting reports, please make them public so we can all see for ourselves. There is a link at the bottom of the report for making it public called Publicize this report. Please don't check either box and only hit "OK". This will make it so you don't show your troop levels. Please don't show your troop levels. There should be a link for the public report supplied to you in the next page. Right-click, copy, and paste it in the "Support/Help Request" forum with your commentary about what happen. This will give us proper detail of who is attacking. Do it this way, rather than using a report converter. It's easier to read and has the links built into it. Thanks!

Praetor Sextus

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