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Post  Praetor Sextus on Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:00 pm

Hey Gang,

We've had this up here for a long time and I never posted my "WhoIs". So here I go:

I've lived in Indiana, USA, most of my life...with exception to one year in Ohio and four years in the Kansas City area. I have a few friends from different countries, and I encourage people to diversify their friend-base a bit.

My background is in computer technology, and most of what I know has been self-taught. In the same respect, my brother and I are firing up a server hosting company together that looks like it will be working great. If anyone needs server space for their website, please let me know. We operate only with all of North America, most of South America, and all of Europe. Pricing is VERY affordable! Please contact me through "accounts@mobiuz.com" if you are serious about hosting your website with us. Please note, we do not build websites for you...this is space for you to have for your own business or website that you create or someone else creates for you. Our data center is located in Houston, Texas USA, and our site will be up shortly.

Other than that, I love video games, music, playing music on guitar and trombone, nice cars, luxury living (one day I'll get there), of course family life and children, traveling, extreme sports, anything to do with water, boating and the beach, parties, and I enjoy helping others in life through teaching, mentoring and helping people accomplish their life-goals.

I love meeting people from any country, any color or race, and learning about how people live different from my own way of life. My heritage is Dutch/German, with a side of Irish/English. Most of my family is German, so I take more to this side. I've had and have friends from England, Scotland, Norway, China, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Africa, Panama, Russia, India, Pakistan, Germany, Philippines and Turkey. I see too many racist people in the world who always seem to think they are the "better" race and it is disgusting. We are all the same, whether people are too blind to see it or not. There is no superior race here on Earth. That frame of mind is what has caused and will cause wars. So get out and meet new people. Even if you can't leave your country to talk to people of other countries, you can find them online.

I thoroughly enjoy playing this game with all of you. It gives me a chance to meet new people from different countries, and make friends with people that are close to my personality and way of thinking. Even if we don't agree with certain things in the game, just remember it's just a game. If I seem harsh on certain things in here, don't take that as how I am in the real world. I'm just doing my job as a leader of the tribe. In the real world, I'm an easy-going guy that likes to relax and have fun. So just keep that in mind!

Thanks for reading this, and game on!

Jason a.k.a. Praetor Sextus

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